Our Principles

The e-Nable community is fueled by the principles of mutual respect, support and goodwill, for this reason, the culture of the community is fundamental and it is essential to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Show respect for others at all times
  • Adopt a spirit of sharing
  • Question the arguments, not the motivations
  • Offer solutions and analysis

The e-Nable community is open to everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, size, ethnicity or religion. All communications should be professional and appropriate for an audience that includes people from various backgrounds.

If a volunteer engages in behavior that violates this code of conduct, the e-Nable coordination group can take any action it deems appropriate, including alerting the offender or expulsion from the community.

Our team

Meet our volunteer team

Dr. Prothesius

Scientist and Volunteer

Alberto Navatta

Chapter Leader and Volunteer

Livio Cioffi


Samuela Sarda


Kabir Lovero


Markeda Taraj



Almost four years ago a group of parents was born who shared their experiences regarding the problems of agenesis and amputation of the limbs of their children and who then gave birth to Energy Family Project APS, the Italian Association for children and families with agenesis, amputation and limb malformations. In October 2019 some founding members of Energy Family Project APS they began to work to create the Italian section of e-Nable and the project was born e-Nable Italy. e-Nable Italy is an initiative of Energy Family Project APS, after a few months of intense work, also supported by the e-Nable France team, in mid-February 2020 we managed to acquire the first certifications for the e-Nable devices, on April 19 2020 the group finally acquires the Community Chapter Badge of e-Nable, being officially recognized as a Chapter (section in Italian) e-Nable, we proudly become the first, and still unique, Chapter e-Nable in Italy.  At the same time, the initial small group of volunteers began to grow and volunteers who met us through the international e-Nable community or through social channels join e-Nable Italia.

What they say about us