Frequent questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions

What is e-Nable?

e-NABLE is a global network of volunteers who use their 3D printers, design skills and personal time to create free 3D printed mechanical hands for those in need, with the aim of providing them to disadvantaged populations across the world.

It is not a company and does not sell these devices. e-Nable is a kind of “movement” because there is no single legal entity or organization that represents it.

What is an e-Nable device?

The e-Nable devices are experimental assistive devices created by volunteers starting from a project Open Source available on the internet, e-Nable devices are not prosthetic aids.

An e-Nable device is an experimental mechanical hand printed entirely in 3D and assembled by a volunteer, it is not a medical device, it does not replace medical devices and, functionally and structurally, it does not give the same guarantees as a medical device.

What is e-Nable Italia?

e-Nable Italia is the Italian section (Chapter) of e-Nable born on the initiative of Energy Family Project APS, in Italy there was no coordination between the e-Nable volunteers and it was very complicated to access the e-Nable devices.

We believe that these devices can be a valid support in the growth path of children and that they can also bring them closer with greater interest and make orthopedic prostheses much more acceptable, which is why we are committed to facilitating access to devices and favoring and encouraging the use of prostheses in general.

How long does an e-Nable hand last?

The hands hold up the typical activities of a child quite well, more rigorous tests are underway on the resistance and duration of the devices, however it is highlighted that these are strongly conditioned not only by the project and model of the hand but also by the type of printing and the materials used for printing (these factors are highly variable and dependent on the context in which the individual volunteer operates). On the other hand, the simplicity of construction and availability of materials make it extremely simple to repair or replace a damaged part.

Safety Guidelines

Important safety guidelines for all e-Nable volunteers and device recipients.

A conscious use of devices is essential, since devices are typically used by children, it is essential that parents are properly informed by volunteers and fully understand what an e-nable device is, its characteristics and peculiarities.

The e-Nable community has made safety guidelines available which, like e-Nable Italy, we have, for convenience and to facilitate its use and understanding in Italy, translated into Italian.

The Italian version of the safety guidelines it's available here